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This is a brand new area of this website that should be of interest to a large majority of our viewers. Over the course of several years we have had a number of ideas come up, but this is one of the better one's we have seen. Through popular demand there has been a great number of people interested in seeing more of the pictures that I shoot at the scene of these crashes and fires. So here it is, this new members area will have the rest of the pictures that I shoot at the scene. The picture will be larger in the members area and you will also be able to down load or print them in the members area. However, with the rising cost of fuel comes additional cost in operation. Therefore we are going to charge a $5.00 a month membership fee to provide these pictures. This is a small fee considering the number of pictures you will have access to. At the same time we are going to make the passwords IPS sensitive, this mean you will only be able to use the password on your computer. This is only to keep groups from sharing passwords. "Come on guys, it's only $5.00 a month, lets be fair and honest about it."

Two very important points also need to be made about the membership pictures. The first is we will still continue to uphold the integrity of Carsonphotos. This means if you are looking for blood and gore, you are in the wrong place. We will still not show pictures that are inappropriate as deemed by the photographers and owners. Secondly, we will continue to protect the patients identities on this website. Therefore we will not show a patients face in direct view or in a manner that will identify them in any inappropriate way.

Two additional things have come to my attention: first, your membership will start on the month you sign up. Therefore if you do not sign up until June or July then you will not have access to the prior months pictures. The only way to see the pictures to the prior month will be to sign up for the year and pick the two stories you would like to see or to contact me and send $5.00 directly to us. Secondly, if you sign up during the night, or even sometimes during the day, please remember we are issuing the password and code so give us 8 to 12 hours to email them to you. In most cases it will only be a matter of minutes, but we do sleep sometimes.

We have had a lot of requests for this area and it should also cut down on time that we spend trying to send pictures to people. There are a few extra advantages we have also set up, one of which will be, if you set up a full 1 year membership at one time you will also receive access to several archived stories, 2 of which you yourself can select after paying your first year fee. This means, if you pay for a 1 year membership, you can pick any two old stories that are on the website and we will go back and pull all of those pictures and make them available to you as well. You will also have access to the archive stories that other people pick. Only those people that pay for the 1 year in advance will have access to these stories.

Also keep in mind that if you join the members area, You are agreeing to the terms and conditions of the Federal Copyright laws. The pictures in the members area are the sole property of Carson Photos and/or there photographers. It is against the law to reproduce or distribute for profit or financial gain of any kind.

Please send your email address in the payment comment area so after the payment is verified we can email you, your user name and password.











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